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Our primary function is to provide quality First Aid, CPR, and EMS training that meet or exceeds workplace regulatory and compliance programs.  (On-Site Training)
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Our courses follow the current guidelines from
the American Heart Association (AHA)  for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillation, International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) and Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC).
All states have passed what are known as "Good Samaritan laws" to help encourage bystanders to assist those in need. These laws help protect anyone who: 
- Voluntarily provides assistance, without expecting or       accepting compensation,
Is reasonable and prudent,
Does not provide care beyond the training received,       and
- Is not "grossly negligent," or completely careless, in         delivering emergency care.

Good Samaritan laws very slightly from state to state. Become familiar with the laws in your state and other states where you work or travel.

Once care has begun, and it is safe to do so, remain with an ill or injured person until someone with equal or greater emergency medical training takes over. If you are alone, it is okay to leave to activate EMS, but return to the person as soon as you can.

There has never been a successful lawsuit in the United States against a person providing first aid in good faith
DUTY TO ACT - A pre-determined requirement to provide care, typically by job description (such as firefighter, police officer, or lifeguard) or by relationship (such as parent or guardian). In general, a first aid trained person is encouraged, but not required by duty, to act. 

NEGLIGENCE - Occurs when someone has caused further harm due to care that did not meet the expected standard of someone with a duty to act.

ASSAULT and BATTERY - Placing a person in fear of bodily harm. Forcing care on a person against his wishes may be considered grounds for this
Inforation taken from MFA BasicPlus Student Guide
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Our highly experienced and successful Trainers provide insight into techniques that will make otherwise reluctant class members WANT to attend. Through the use of 21st Century contemporary and innovative methods explored during class, you will become capable of ensuring that your EMS and First Aid  message is understood and brought to life by your employees
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